How to set up surround sound for rooms?

Surround sound is now becoming more popular and this sound is being used in cinema halls for realistic effect of the film. Apart from the cinema hall it is also available in music system. You can have the effect of cinema halls in your room with the help of surround sound speakers.

First, you have to know about the working process of surround sound speaker, the speakers are located in different position of the room. They receive multiple audio channels, and the whole program is located in one source. If the source starts playing then the sound tracks also being decoded simultaneously.

Surround sounds have different formats and they are Dolby digital, Dolby surround, Dolby true HD, true surround XT, Dolby digital EX, DTS, Dolby PRO Logic II X and etc. There is also different variety in surround sound speakers. They are,

Front right and left speaker:

These are most important speaker in the part of surround sound system because the major sounds are come from these speakers. Most of the company keeps eye especially on these speakers for these importances. They mostly try to make it powerful and high quality and these speakers are used in CD players, home theaters and etc.

set up surround soundCenter channel speaker:

Center channel speaker normally placed above or below the television and it is in small size. The main purpose of this speaker is to delivers the dialogue of the cinema or television.

Rear channel speaker:

Rear channel speaker is placed according to the seating arrangement of the person or listener. A 5.1 speaker setup in small room has two speakers placed right behind the listeners.


It emits low frequency bass signal that are Omni directional and you will feel or hear the bass. It does not need clear path.

surround sound speakersHow to set up surround sound speaker?

Some of information to get quality of sound before set up the speaker, place rugs around the room covers the large windows with curtains and line walls with furniture. Make sure that, there is no object between you and the speakers because sound bounced off object and scatters.

  • If you having any echo problems in your room then move the speaker closer to your viewing area, it will reduce the echo effects because the source of the audio closer to you than the sound reflections. If you like to fix surround sound for small room then follow the steps,
  • You want to place center channel speaker directly towards in front of the center of the couch and position of the speaker close to ear height while in sitting position.
  • Two speakers would side towards the center speaker at 30 degree angle and other two speakers would be placed just slightly behind your viewing area.

These set up also suitable to fix surround sound speaker in your apartment home theater.

From these you know how to set the surround sound system for your small home theater room and also you have some knowledge about the surround sound system and their types.