How to choose center channel speaker placement?

Center channel speaker is an important role for the home theater speaker system and it delivers more than half of the soundtrack including all dialogues.

The main purpose of the center channel speaker is to keep the sound anchored to the onscreen action. If the speaker is not set up correctly, even the best home theater system won’t deliver optimal performance.

Tips for placement of center channel speaker:

Most of them get confusing on where to put center speaker. Here some of the tips to the placement of the speaker. Some of them are,

  • The placement of the center channel speaker should be above or below the television.
  • The best spot for the center channel speaker is directly below the television because it will simulate the quality of sound coming from the television.
  • Important thing is to keep the center channel speaker in the nearest range to the television. If you place it far from the television then you lose the illusion that the dialogue is coming for the artists.
  • If you keep the center channel speaker inside the furniture than sound waves generate from the drivers cannot be extended naturally because of the surface around it. So that reason places the center channel speaker on the top of the furniture.

  • The height of the center channel speaker should be the same as the front speaker tweeters or as close as possible.
  • Center channel speaker would be the same distance as the front left and right speakers.
  • Make sure that the center channel speaker gets angle toward your face, because then only you get all the sound. For this reason, place the center channel speaker in a non-ideal position either low or high.
  • Make sure to choose a mount that can support the weight of the central channel speaker.
  • Some of the theater layouts make sense to mount a center speaker to the wall instead of placing the center speaker on a freestanding speaker stand.
  • Center channel speaker mounting on the wall can be installed to provide the correct height and till the need for maximum performance.
  • The hollow components of the speaker stand are causing some issues with resonance because the area can be filled with sand to eliminate the problem.
  • Calibrating and configuring speaker in home theater speaker that having is a minor post-setup task that can make a big difference in performance.
  • When you fixing positioned stand for the center channel speaker. Then set it to small and leave the crossover at 80Hz this will ensure that low frequencies are sent to the subwoofer.

center channel speaker placement

Finally, a center channel speaker has a vital role in the overall sound quality of the home theater system. Give some extras thoughts to the position and placement of the device for the critical speaker. The awesome listening experience provides the best sound effort.

From this, you have some knowledge about choosing center channel speaker placement, where to put the center speaker. Hope that you have a better idea about speaker placement and make use of these details for before placement of your speaker.