How to choose the best speaker wire to produce high-quality sound?

The function of the speaker wire is to conduct an electrical signal and this signals voltage corresponds to changing the volume level of sounds recording. Before selecting the best speaker wire you have to know about the electrical quality of the speaker wire.

Electrical Quality of speaker wire:

Each cable has unique properties that determine the performance characteristic of the cable.  There are three main factors they are,

  • Thickness: Thicker speaker cables are wished to have high-quality audio setup. It also necessary if the speaker has to run long distance and it also reduces the chances of signal loss. Thickness in wire offers better sound quality.
  • Length: The length of the cable to your speaker should be the same so that all wire has the same resistance and result in equal audio output for all speakers.
  • Conductivity: Each wire materials have unique conductivity and some of the metals transmit electricity better than others.

These are the basic quality of the speaker wire before choosing the best speaker cable make sure that these qualities are having in your wire.

How to choose the best speaker wire?

Before choose best speaker cables you have to check out some factors that having in your wire. Some of them are,

Wire material:

  • Copper: It is the most used material in speaker cable due to low cost and resistance. It oxidizes so copper need to be covered and insulated. Pure copper is reacting to create copper oxide when the copper is exposed to air, this creates a barrier between the cable and speaker, therefore, can weaken connections.
  • Silver: It is less resistance than copper because of the thinner gauge. When compared with the copper material silver is expensive.
  • Gold: It does not oxidize and it is used for open terminals but it has higher resistivity than copper and silver. This result is rarely used as speaker cable.


material in speaker cableSpecial terminals are obtainable to use at the end of the speaker cables to aid connection to speaker and sources. Banana plugs and spade plugs main benefits are quicker and easier connection can be made as they simply plug into the speaker terminals. If you want to change the parts of the system then it is a good idea to use termination purely for ease of use.

Single or bi-wire:

The final option to select the speaker wire is bi-wire or single wire.

  • Single wire: single wire connection makes decision simple – single connection.
  • Bi-wire: When your speaker has two sets of speaker connection then they can be bi-wired. It creates a more open sound stage and increases the level of details.

There are many electrical properties claimed by wire manufacturers like adding insulation and better purification of oxidizing materials to improve sound quality. The most important one id to be considered is that wire is suitable for the impedance of the speaker and length of the wire.

Finally, you come to know about the quality of the wire and also know how to select the best speaker wires. Before searching for the high quality speaker wire consider these tips to buy the speaker wire.